Key Benefits

Download client quantitive and qualitative case studies. 

High level benefits are:

1. Strengthened governance and risk management

2. Enhanced corporate consistency, streamlining processes and transparency

3. Improved ability to address compliance, audit and accreditation requirements

4. Automated integration/interfacing

5. Cost, efficiency and productivity savings

6. Care outcomes improvement – providing staff more time

Expect an ROI of more than 4 times your investment

In reality within the first year of operations benefits of up to more than 4 times the purchase investment may be realised. We know this because we have measured it, verified this with existing clients and developed an algorithm to quantify the benefits.

Even a very small facility eg 20 beds with only 1 infection, 1 accident and 2 committee meetings per month can expect to realise in excess of $10,000 per annum directly related to using i.on my care.

Whilst a 100 bed facility with 1 infection, 1 accident and 1 committee meeting a week can expect to receive in excess of $35,000 per annum in benefits.

Enterprise benefits can reach the 6 figure range.

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