The integration of i.on my streamlines your systems by automatically linking and synchronizing processes across your organisation.

Connecting to other systems and passing information between systems delivering immediate productivity improvements. Put an end to the creeping costs of paper-based work flow systems.

You can eliminate the possibility of forms getting lost in the paperwork shuffle. Everything is organised in one secure place, accessible to all appropriate parties. Sophisticated security controls who has access to which parts of the system, and who is allowed to alter which forms, flows, records and documents.

With a few strokes on your smartphone, tablet or keyboard, i.on my lets employees accomplish daily management tasks without having to sort through stacks of records, to do lists, actions and documents. This can include everything from routing urgent alerts/messages regarding specific trigger events to generating reports to auto creating associated records, to requesting actions/tasks to submitting maintenance requests.

i.on my embedded workflow ensures that all procedures are standardised and run like clockwork, eliminating the reliance for humans to remember multi tasks. It is about getting information to those who need to know what they need to know when they need to know.