A snapshot of these benefits:

1. Governance

  • Reduced risk and enhanced decision making through timely reporting and linking organisational structures to operating activities
  • Works to address the organisation’s duty of care and enhance confidence

2. Consistency

  • Providing auditable and searchable trail of documentation across all programs
  • Reliable and accurate enterprise wide data for internal and external reporting

3. Compliance

  • Helps address incident, accident and infection compliance; legislative, risk and audit requirements
  • Automated building of accreditation evidence

4. Interfaces

  • Ability to link to existing systems and technologies to avoid duplicated records
  • Potential pathway to replacing some older systems

5. Savings

  • Delivers alerts & reminders into the hands of those who need to know, what they need to know, when they need to know
  • Handover time savings due to clear record of events, actions and responsibilities

6. Care outcomes

  • Time freed up through streamlined processes and reduced paperwork
  • Staff able to focus on providing quality services and care instead of on paperwork and compliance
  • Helps create a culture where people are empowered to act to protect your brand