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The following is an article by our client MACG on the improvements they’ve seen since implementing i.on my. Published in Fusion Magazine August 2013.

Delivering better quality aged care services through enabling technology is not only about e-health and clinical care systems. There are other key areas such as Quality, Education and Performance Programs that make significant contributions to overall efficiencies and effectiveness.

Prior evidence in these areas has tended to be anecdotal. However our experience at McKenzie Aged Care Group (MACG) has enabled us to gather empirical evidence. This provides factual, statistical proof that by implementing technology to assist with quality, education and performance programs we have gained significany measurable benefits.

Maintaining a Quality program across eight state-of-the-art aged care facilities is complex. There are many risks to navigate. Hence we determined that efficient use of technology is the path to success, and we used technology to implement:

  • Training and Development Programs
  • Incident Management Systems
  • Continuous Improvement Programs
  • Feedback Systems
  • Continuous Improvement Programs
  • Feedback Systems
  • Performance Systems

What surprised us was the almost immediate measurable value we gained from using technology.

With 8 facilities, 850 employees and 850 Residents, information management presents difficult challenges: 1700 people requiring a complex web of data both stored and shared; 7 separate IT systems were not effectively sharing information. Our aim was to create efficiencies by only entering the data once and having it flow through to all areas of the business, pushing information in and out of our governance, risk, improvement and compliance system.

The key for us was meaningful trend reports and analyses of the entire business. The aim was to reduce the amount of time managers had to spend extracting data from diverse systems and compiling reports, thus freeing up more time, allowing them to focus on analysis vs. compilation, and enabling swifter identification of and response to emerging situations.

In addition to raw productifity benefits, which we can calculate from measuring the time savings, specific important business benefits were identified. A typical example of swift benefit returns to us is demonstrated in the following graph of overdue mandatory education:

This graph clearly demonstrates the benefits of an enabling technology of alerts and reminders, which advise staff and managers of due or overdue mandatory education/training. Within a few months we were able to, across all our facilities, dramatically reduce the volume of outstanding mandatory education required, and consequently increase our compliance in these key skill and knowledge based areas. Clear follow-on benefits have been experienced, from increased confidence at audit times to favourable feedback from auditors on the visibility of this type of reporting.

Another example, this time in our Quality consumer feedback area, is that our managers are now able to instantly view trends such as those demonstrated in the graph.

This shows us that complaints have decreased while compliments have dramatically increased over a 3 month period. This is quantified evidence that our focus on quality is improving, and that alone, regardless of the measurable impacts, has had a valuable positive cultural impact on staff, residents and visitors.

i.on my product has been independently ranked by soft scout, the business software encyclopaedia, as being in the top 20 compliance and human resources products available.

“A quality niche product that has been embraced by all who have seen it.”

Charles Slade – Host of the Channel 9 Show ‘Your Business Success’

“i.on my is about assisting having sound practices in place and informing that practice with suggestions, evaluations, planning and improvements – it forms part of daily operations.”

Denise – Federal Government

In summary implementing and actively using technology has moved us from prior challenges of:

  • Duplication of information
  • Inaccuracies
  • Poor use of staff time
  • Labour intensive


  • Significant improvement in compliance over the last 6 months.
  • One data entry point
  • Automated relevant and meaningful collated reports
  • Time saving and quantitative cost saving benefits

We have adopted a culture that embraces technology infrastructure to support our business as it continues to grow. A culture that is realising and proving that technology does bring with it measurable benefits.


“The i.on my team are a wonderful bunch of people, they really are all so individual and gorgeous”
“One of the best features and points of difference with i.on my is its ability to capture email responses to actions assigned to people. This helps quickly build a record of milestones in the life cycle of an action without the need for specialist data entry.”

“able to link the i.on my care system to the existing payroll provider to ensure that all new starter and terminated employees are automatically updated on the i.on my care system, thus ensuring any outstanding reminders to manager’s are based on up to date information. The ability to interface with other vendors is very useful in eliminating duplication of data entry.”

“Just a short note to say how much I love the recurring follow up to actions enhancement to ion. The ability to automatically check how things are going every x days is sooo powerful!”

“i.on my staff all very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly”