i.on my is an evidence based Governance, Risk Management and Compliance solution that includes Accreditation and Human Resources with embedded Quality Improvement.

Additionally i.on my is supported by optional remote data capture add on Apps:

  • Clinical Care (assessments, progress notes, care plans)

  • Compliance (risk, hazards, incidents, accidents, infections, chemicals, complaints, compliments, suggestions)

  • HR (to do, calendar view, requests – leave and purchasing, audits/surveys, policies & procedures)

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Automating work flow processes, routing forms, producing real-time reports, integrating functions, embedding quality processes and organising data in one convenient place.

The integration of i.on my streamlines your systems by automatically linking and synchronizing processes across your organisation.

Connecting to other systems and passing information between systems delivering immediate productivity improvements. Put an end to the creeping costs of paper-based work flow systems.

  • Support simple and complex workflow processes.

  • Integrate with external systems and databases.

  • Enforce workflow compliance.

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Key Benefits

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High level benefits are:

1. Strengthened governance and risk management

2. Enhanced corporate consistency, streamlining processes and transparency

3. Improved ability to address compliance, audit and accreditation requirements

4. Automated integration/interfacing

5. Cost, efficiency and productivity savings

6. Care outcomes improvement – providing staff more time

Expect an ROI of more than 4 times your investment

In reality within the first year of operations benefits of up to more than 4 times the purchase investment may be realised. We know this because we have measured it, verified this with existing clients and developed an algorithm to quantify the benefits.

Even a very small facility eg 20 beds with only 1 infection, 1 accident and 2 committee meetings per month can expect to realise in excess of $10,000 per annum directly related to using i.on my care.

Whilst a 100 bed facility with 1 infection, 1 accident and 1 committee meeting a week can expect to receive in excess of $35,000 per annum in benefits.

Enterprise benefits can reach the 6 figure range.

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Tech Summary

i.on my care: Robust, Scalable, Functionality in a Sophisticated, Proven System.


Workflow driven by your business rules
Real time reports including 3D visualisations
Powerful alerts & reminders
The workflow engine is driven by your rules, your processes, your requirements and your industry needs: and easily kept up to date with your evolving needs. Industry standard reports provided, plus an easy to use drag and drop report designer is available for reports limited only by your imagination. Set and (don’t) forget! You define what messages go to whom, about what, when they are delivered and escalated and whether by email and/or SMS.
Flexible forms builder
Embedded integration
Key events escalations monitoring
Tailor forms to your nomenclature and preferred design using our highly flexible tools. Rename, reposition, reuse, hide fields, or build new forms. One system, all connected. Highly integrated, connecting through automated workflows: no multiple entry – and no forgetting. If a response or resolution time threshold is passed, escalations occur automatically according to your service plan business rules.
Cloud based or in-house
Any device, anytime, anywhere
Sophisticated security
No tech skills required for our dedicated server, Azure, AWS,  or use your own complete with AD authentication and single sign on. Works with iPads, tablets, laptops, smartphones and desktops and compatible with any modern browser. What your staff can see and do depends on your rules. Flexible enough to handle complex requirements.
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